Map. History of Arctic conflict

17 October 2017
Parts of engine of A380 AF66 Air France was located in Greenland
Russian Northern fleet launched 13 missiles as conclusion of drill in Barents Sea, Arctic
Exercise of Russia Navy Northern Fleet including Pantsir and 4K51 Rubezh.
Udaloy-class destroyer Severomorsk on drill in Arctic
Russian Mindef: drill to repell attacks from the air and sea in Arctic
The Pyotr Velikiy nuclear battlecruiser test fire P-700 Granit/ SS-N-19 Shipwreck anti-ship cruise missile in Barents Sea.
The ships of the Northern fleet arrived for exercises in the Barents sea
The whole Laptev Sea is now ice-free.
Russia navy Borei-class submarine Yury Dolgorukiy conducted successful firing of Bulava SLBM.
Russian NorthernFleet is moving westbound to Kara Sea after loading marines, paratroopers and arctic specialists. Arctic "defense drill"
BMD-2 company from 98th Airborne Division deployed possibly to Pechenga
Yesterday and today, 40 warships and support vessels have left ports on the Kola Peninsula.
"If we lose the Arctic, we lose the globe,” says @niinisto alongside @POTUS
US Dep't of Energy orders climate scientist to remove words "climate change" and "global warming" from her research publication.
Alaska's Permafrost Is Thawing. The Permafrost traps carbon from decaying material. It could be gone by 2050 because of #GlobalWarming.
The Arctic Response Company Group put their ATVs to the test during #OpNANOOK 2017 in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut mud @CanadianArmy
Russia’s new bases in the Arctic ensure its control over the Northern Sea Route, says [email protected]
Video: launch of SLCM Caliber from submerged Yasen-class submarine Severodvinsk in Barents sea
Russian Navy Yasen-class nuclear submarine K-560 Severodvinsk launched Kaliber missile during drill in Barents Sea
July 2017 was 2nd warmest on record globally, behind 2016, ahead of 2015
"All glaciers in Iceland are retreating at an unprecedented pace." -geologist from Icelandic Meteorological Office
A ship under the flag of the Republic of Moldova was detained by the Russian FSB off the Ohotsk Sea
A fire has sparked in western Greenland, an odd occurrence for an island known more for ice than fire
After massive break in Antarctic, an iceberg, as big as 3 Manhattans, just broke free In the Arctic
Arctic sea-ice extent is still tracking well below the worst IPCC scenarios
A decline in sea ice is allowing more marine travel in the Arctic. Experts say the risk "keeps us up at night."
Court of Arbitration in The Hague orders Russia to pay 5.5 million euros for seizing Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise in 2013, jailing activists.
Russian Nuclear Submarine Yuri Dolgoruky has successfully test-fired a Bulava missile from the Barents Sea
Areas closure for missile firings RU Nothern Fleet. Fig.1 - June, 24 - 27 (prob a SLBM test), fig.2 - June, 26 - 30 (prob a SLCM test).
Rosneft discovers 1st oil deposit on East Arctic shelf. Interfax